WatchNext will help you eliminate the time spent surfing Netflix and Hulu and get to what matters most - watching films!
With WatchNext you can:
Add and delete movies from a watch list with ease
Send your watch list to your phone via SMS messaging
Search and filter movies in your watch list
Search Your Movie Watch List!
How many minutes do you have? Punch in the maximum length you want your movie to be!
Can't decide between an action thriller or a rom-com? Include it in your search!
Do you have a thing for 90's indie films or the 70's New Hollywood movment? Filter your movies by decade!
Are you on a mission to see every movie starring Daniel Day-Lewis? This feature will help!
Not sure which Stanley Kubrick or Richard Linklater film to watch? Include their name in your search!
Rotten Tomatoes Score
Looking to watch something critically acclaimed? Filter your movies by their RT score!

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